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1   Belle crashed into the apartment like she usually does. The crowd turned to her and acknowledged her existence in the drunken, habitual manner partygoers do, a collective “HEYYYYY!” saturating the air.  I looked at her across the room from where I stood then back to Zach then I told him I’d be five … Continue reading

Super: Kicks Ass

Remember Kick-Ass? I watched it a month or so ago on my laptop with a friend (who possibly bootlegged it?) and fell in love. The mixture of style, humor, and violence was perfectly balanced for its intended demographic—nerds. And I’m not afraid to call myself a nerd, I take pride in it. As should you! … Continue reading

Entering the 4th Dimension

Required of all Communication Design majors are certain art classes, the prerequisites of increasingly advanced comm. design courses. I’m taking Basic Drawing right now and my teacher assigned a project so open-ended that I was almost too afraid to begin. We were to explore the 4th Dimension… My erudite and bearded professor displayed superfluously eloquent … Continue reading

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